In memory of my wonderful summer of 2015 in Tibet

I took a whole year‘s break after I quit the job in July 2014. With so much free time, I had some traveling plan, and the top destination on my list is Tibet And in the summer of 2015, I bought the train tickets to Tibet and the journey was absolutely amazing.

Despite there are a lot of controversies rest on both the political and academic debates in Tibet, it’s still a place where I was filled with so much positive energy that got me closer to understanding the real meaning of life, where I learned to see the life in a different way and "letting go" feels beautiful and powerful, even though sometimes to hate is way easier.

Everything happens for a reason, always for a good reason. Because of this, we should be grateful, even of the harsh things that test our strength in an unpleasant way. It is what we learn out of the difficult time and what we become that matter. In this website,I will provide a breif introduction about Tibet and talk about the travel tips.